Current Issues


I was one of two Council Members who voted against a tax increase this year. Please attend the "Truth in Taxation" hearing August 17th at 7 PM to share your thoughts on this important issue.


I helped lower the permitted densities to their current levels. I am opposed to high density housing for a number of reasons. 

Public Safety

We have a great police force, and I am pleased to be in a position to support their efforts to protect us. I have spent many hours riding along with them and will continue to advocate for their training, equipment and personnel needs. 


I am a vocal opponent of Light Rail or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on our Main Street. These intensive transit options belong in our transportation corridor, not going through the crosswalks of all 5 of our public schools!


The protection of our hillside is very important to me. Some citizens would like a dedicated, engineered mountain bike trail on our hillside. I've done my due diligence and listened to the staff concerns about this issue. It has several difficulties, including erosion, parking, increased traffic, and conflicts with other uses.

Emergency Prepardness

Centerville is uniquely situated to experience a variety of adverse conditions. Individual and community preparation for future eventualities should continue to be a focus.


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